Amazon Summer 2020 Accessory Must Haves


Amazon Summer accessories… my favorite part of an outfit that can take it from a 10 to an 11. In the above picture I am wearing 2020’s most sought after accessory, but aside from masks I am going to share with you my favorite accessories that can all be found on Amazon.

Amazon Fashion has come a long way and there are many benefits from ordering from the site. First, Amazon Prime- 2 day shipping… need I say more? Receiving your order just 48 hours after clicking the “buy-now” option is extremely convenient.

Also Amazon has endless options no matter what your style, budget, occasion or location may be. Below I will show you my favorite accessories that I have been obsessed with this spring and will provide links so that you can get your hands on them too!

I have made it extra easy for your to get your hands on these items, by providing clickable links that will take you straight to the site.

Steve Madden Wedge Sandals

When I’m looking for Summer shoes I always look for three things; comfort, style, and versatility. I am on my feet a lot in the summer between going to ball games, nights with the girls and a lot of traveling which means my shoes need to be comfortable.

I look for stylish shoes, because staying with the trends is important to me. I like my shoes to be able to go with many different outfits, match different colors and transition easily to the different seasons which is why versatility is important.

The Steve Madden shoes check off all of my boxes. They are extremely comfortable ( I wore them while traveling from Arizona to Ohio with a layover and had no problems) and the wedge is to die for. If you’re looking for the ultimate Amazon Summer shoe, check these out. 


Growing up, I would have never deemed myself as a “hat girl”. I would always look at those who wore hats while on the beaches or while out shopping, wishing that I could pull them off just as well. In the beginning of Spring I decided to give them one more shot, and stumbled upon this Fedora.

The fit is amazing as it is snug against my head to prohibit the wind from blowing it off, yet also is so breathable and light. The hat comes in many different colors, yet I chose the camel color as I felt it matched almost anything. I love how this hat took my ordinary outfit to the next level.

I now will proudly say I am a “hat girl” with this hat and oftentimes find myself grabbing it for many different occasions. 

Amazon Summer Aviators

Whether you live in Ohio or you live in Florida, the summer months bring bright rays of sunshine. I never leave my house without throwing on my shades in the Summer, but since I have been younger I have had a problem with misplacing and breaking them. I said goodbye to the expensive sunnies and hello to budget friendly ones, as I went through so many each season.

These aviators are the perfect pair. They come in a variety of different colors (black is my favorite), they are the perfect size (not too large, not too small), and are strong enough to block out those bright rays.

I love that they had a flexible nose piece that could be fit to your nose, as many times I found that to be an issue with other sunglasses. The best part? They’re less than $20.

Pearl Clips

I am always looking for something different when it comes to my hair. I always either want to go lighter or darker, shorter or longer. I love being able to switch it up when I feel like a change. Instead of constantly adding bleach or chopping it off, I came upon these clips which gives me a different vibe when it comes to my hairstyle.

Instead of wearing the same hairstyle every day I can pop one of these pearl clips in and ‘boom’ a different look. They also are extremely strong and stay in place all day long. Whether you’re looking to keep your bangs from hanging in your face throughout the day or are like me and need a change, these clips do the trick.

They also come in a pack of 18, so you’ll always have different options.

Hair Scarf

A ponytail is my go-to in the warmer months. Nothing is better than pulling your hair up to cool off on those hot Summer days. Although I love wearing them, I always looked at ways to add style to a simple ponytail. These scrunchie scarfs do just that.

They take your average ponytail and add fashion and a feminine touch. I have tried many hair scarfs over the past year, but what I love about this one is that it is a scrunchie. Wrap this scrunchie around your ponytail and it will stay in place all day.

With many different color options available, you can get a scarf to match every outfit. 

Amazon Summer Boho Bag

I do not travel light, not even to the grocery store. I always have my phone, lipstick, lotion, and more recently hand sanitizer and masks with me. All of these things need a place to be held. I love this handbag. It gives me all of the bohemian vibes.

Woven purses are Summer 2020’s staple and this bag at this price should make an appearance in your closet. It is able to be worn slouching off your shoulder or throw it across as a cross-body. It is also large enough to carry all of my must haves making it my go-to bag this summer.

Key Ring Wristlet

Truth be told, I lose my keys on a weekly basis. I am always either putting them in random places or losing them to the bottom of my purse.

I tried this wristlet which allows me to attach my keys to it and place it around my wrist. I can proudly say that I have only misplaced my keys a “few” times. 

You can attach your cardholder or keys to ensure that all of your important items are always around your wrist when you need them. These wristlets come in a variety of colors that you can even match them to your dip powdered nail color.


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