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Truth be told I was not blessed with the best hair. I was born with extremely thin hair and made the best of it growing up. That is until I reached eighth grade visiting Chicago that I was introduced to the wonderful world of hair extensions. The first time I ever tried hair extensions I started with clip-in extension. These were easy to use, could be taken in and out and did not break the bank. I wore these for about a year until I was looking for a different method. I was looking for an extension method that were permanent and comfortable. Although I loved the clip-ins they were a bit uncomfortable and I was tired of taking them out at the end of the day. I came upon tape-in extensions one night while watching a YouTube video. At the time they were not as popular as they have become as of late. I set-up an appointment with a stylist locally and went in for a consultation. During that consultation I learned that I would need about three packs of extensions to achieve the voluminous look that I was looking for. I went home and ordered 3 packs of 18 in extensions from in a color that I felt best fit my natural hair color. Two weeks later I had my appointment to put them in. Since that day nine years ago, I have been hooked and have not taken them out for longer than two days.

Below I am going share with you the tape-in hair extension process. I have tried multiple different brands of hair extensions, Sally’s, HotHead’s, Bellami and Glam Seamless. Even after trying all of the different brands I continue coming back to the Donna Bella hair extensions. Their color options, customer service and quality are the best that I have experienced. The hair itself lasts about six months with the proper care. You will need to visit your salon to move your extensions up every 5-8 weeks as they will grow out with your hair and will need the tape removed and new tape to put on to ensure they are secured in your hair.

This was my hair after I took my extensions out. My hair is extremely thin especially on the sides and does not have a lot of density. Although it is difficult to tell from the picture above, it also has not grown in years and is very short.

Next step is the coloring process. On this particular visit to the salon I wanted to take my hair to the darker side. As my hair was being colored my extensions were being colored individually. Donna Bella extensions can be colored darker however they cannot be lightened or withstand the damaging effects of bleach. I have colored my extensions on multiple occasions and each time and pleasantly surprised with how well they turn out and match my hair at the end of the process. I have broken the rule a time or two and have talked my stylist into bleaching the extension, knowing the possibility that the extensions may be ruined. My extensions lightened and were able to be worn, however I had to cut the ends off because they were frizzy and extremely damaged. Although I have done it, I highly advise against ever putting bleach on extensions.

After my hair was done processing, washed and blow dried, the extension were put in. This was done by separating my hair into three different sections: back, left side and right side. I have 30 extensions put in my hair total. For the past year I added length and ordered the 22 in extensions instead of the 18 in. Each extension weft has a piece of double-sided extension tape on it. The wefts are then sandwiched between your own hair right against the scalp. Heat is then applied to the hair wefts to make the tape extra sticky ensuring the extensions stay in place at least 5 weeks. The installation process takes no longer than 40 minutes.

The finished product. I love the way my hair feels and looks with these extension in and I cannot see a time where I part with these tape-ins. Most days I forget that I even have these extensions in as they are so comfortable. Good hair days are more frequent with these extensions and who could deny those?




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