Skincare Saturday: Unfiltered


I will be the first to admit that I use filters and editing apps to help distract from the blemishes on my face. It’s time now though that we start talking about our appearance behind the filter. I considered myself lucky in Middle School and High School to only have gotten a few acne flare ups a year, but when those flare ups came it seemed like the end of the world. In the grand scheme of things it was a minuscule problem. College came and I felt that I was finally out of the puberty stage, boy was I wrong.

Two years ago I started getting tiny bumps on my cheeks. These bumps were itchy and made my face feel as though it was on fire. After doing all of the home remedies and over the counter medications to treat what I thought was either a rash or acne, I finally went to the dermatologist. There I was diagnosed with Rosacea Acne. I was sent home with topical medication and an antibiotic, both of which seemed to be no help. This cycle of flare ups went on for two years.

Three months ago I went to a new dermatologist, because I needed answers and help. She told me that we have tried everything to help and that the last resort is to go on Accutane. If you do not know what Accutane is, it is a last resort acne medication. It is a controversial medication due to it’s side effects and potential risks. Since this was my last resort to help put out what I felt was a fire on my face, I decided to give it a go. I have been on Accutane for a month and it has been a miracle pill, besides some of the side effects that I have experienced (more on that later).

Now that I have shared with you my back story, it’s time that I open up and be open and vulnerable. We live in a society where appearance and beauty are worshipped. This is why what we see on social media is a false advertisement of peoples lives and appearance. I have done my fair share of editing pictures, especially during the time where I felt was though all people could see were the bumps on my face. But it’s time we take back the filter and start showing ourselves for who we really are, myself included. Below are two pictures. One a before and the second the edited version that was seen on social media.

Next weeks Skincare Saturday post and each Saturday following will be vlog posts. In the video I will share topics such as my journey with Accutane, the best face washes for all skin types, how to cover-up blemishes with make-up and much more.




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