We Got A Puppy, Meet Murphy


After years of talking, wishing, and dreaming of getting one… we got a puppy. Last week we brought our boy home. Since I was a little girl I’ve always been a huge dog lover. Who would have thought I would have ended up with someone who loved dogs just as much if not more than me. Jared is the self proclaimed “biggest dog lover in Ohio”. 

How We Decided

While quarantining in Arizona with Jared, I asked him one day if we could visit a dog shelter. I brought up the idea to get us out of the house and cure our boredom. However, it turned into a much bigger idea. We never made it to the dog shelter that week. Instead, I started saying “we should get a puppy”. I also showed him pictures of puppies every chance I got.

Since my parents got their Irish Goldendoodle, Gracie four years ago I’ve always wanted one of my own. She is the cutest, silliest and well-behaved dog I had ever meant. Not to mention since she is a doodle there is no shedding!!! Jared loves how fluffy doodles are and their silly behaviors. Although he always talked about getting a German Shepherd one day, I hooked him on getting a Doodle first. 

It took a few weeks and many adorable doodle pictures to convince Jared that we needed one. Once I finally got the go-ahead I knew we should get from the same breeder as Gracie. Everyone must have had the same idea during quarantine as us, because the waiting list for a pup was long. We put down our deposit in April and waited.

What’s In The Name?

Since we knew we had months to prepare we started brainstorming names for our little guy. Honestly, this was the toughest part. I liked unique names and Jared liked normal and cute. I suggested names such as Cash, Bentley, Atlas, Memphis and Reign. While Jared liked Henry, Winston and Louie. After a few weeks of going back and forth I agreed on Louie. 

The name Louie stuck for weeks, until just days before we brought him home. I finally let Jared know that I was not a huge fan of the name. Even though he probably was extremely annoyed with me, we went back to searching for names. One day on a drive around town when he was visiting Ohio, I suggested Murphy. I knew that he didn’t hate it because it was not instantly shot down. 

We talked about the name Murphy a lot in the coming days. Jared liked it and liked that it also was the name of a war hero, Audie Murphy. I thought it was cute and unique, which checked off my boxes. A day before we went to pick him up, we decided on the name.

Meet Murphy

I drove to Indiana, 4 hours away on July 1st to pick up our boy. The second I saw the breeder pick him up, I was in love. He is the most cuddly, well-behaved, loving and adorable pup I’ve ever met. He loves to give millions of kisses and is so silly when he plays. His favorite toy is a toilet paper roll, even though he has a dozen of other toys. We’re soaking up this puppy stage and giving him lots of love. 

Next week I’ll share with you a new puppy checklist and supplies that I would suggest when bringing a new dog home. Although I am not a dog whisper, I’ll also share tips on surviving the first week.


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