Accutane 6 Month Review & Products That Helped Get Me Through


Just over 6 months ago I shared with you all that I was starting my Accutane journey. I shared why I was starting after battling severe acne-rosacea for way too long (read about my acne journey here). Today I am going to share with you my review on Accutane and the products that immensely helped get me through the journey.

I was on Accutane for 4 months. The duration that patients are typically on the medication ranges from 4-6 months, with 6 months being the max. Luckily, my skin was clear by the third month so after the fourth month my physician felt that it was safe to stop.

Although I am extremely happy with the end result and clear skin, my Accutane journey was rough. The side effects that I experienced were extremely chapped lips, dry skin, joint aches and fatigue. 

Side Effects

When I was warned about the dry lips prior to taking the medication I thought “that won’t happen to me”. Little did I know that one week into taking it my lips would swell up. It was to the point of people asking if I got lip injections.

A few short weeks after is where the real fun began. I had to carry chapstick everywhere I went because my lips felt as though they were on fire. They peeled so much that on one of my visits to the doctor I swore to her that they were falling off.

Apparently I was not the first patient to have told her that as she responded that I needed to “ride out the storm”. I’ll share a not so pretty picture below of my lips at their worst.

It is no secret that Accutane causes dry skin. At first it was happily welcomed and a nice break from my usual oily skin. Luckily I was still able to wear make-up throughout taking the medication as I know many who were not.

The dry skin was bearable, unlike my lips. I combated the peeling skin on my face and body with applying thick lotions multiple times a day. I also used oil serums on my face during my night-time skincare routine which I know helped.

The joint aches and fatigue were mild. I took a break from working out during that time. My physician warned that it could work with the Accutane to cause severe joint pain. Even though I was not working out, I still found my knees were achy and my back always hurt. With a few over the counter pain meds and asking for massages Jared I got through those aches.

I’m typically a pretty sleepy person as it is. The only difference while taking Accutane is that I had an “excuse” to be fatigued. I’m unsure if the fatigue was related to the medication, or just how I typically am. 

The Results

Six months later and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I no longer have to worry about trying different topicals or antibiotics to rid me of the blemishes. I rarely get any acne, except on the rare occasion of a pimple popping up. My side effects that I experienced have subsided.

Accutane was rough, I won’t sugar coat it. However, I am so glad that I went through it and took the medication despite my hesitations. I now have clear skin and am comfortable doing “no make-up days” (sometimes). Below I will share with you the products that helped get me through the awful side effects.

For Lips:

Highly, highly highly recommend the Dr. Dans Cortibalm. This helped immensely and gave a cooling effect to the burning sensation. I used all of the other products and liked them as well, as it is only recommended to use the Cortibalm twice a day.

For Face:

I used all of these products daily to keep my skin hydrated and to help it from peeling. I recommend these products even if you are simply battling dry skin from a reason aside from using Accutane.

For Body:

My body did not seem to get any more dry then it typically does during the Winter months. I put lotion on twice a day even if it did not seem dry to stay ahead of the game.


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