Introducing: Life’s A Breeze


Hey Everyone!

I’m Bre, and I am so excited to launch and introduce you to my fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog, Life’s A Breeze. On this blog I will share with you fashion trends, beauty tricks, secrets that I have learned over the years, and many personal stories that I hope many of you can possibly relate to.

However, before I get into blogging about the above exciting topics, I want to share with you how this blog came to be. For the past five years I have read, followed and subscribed to many blogs. I have a list of my favorite bloggers who I have to give credit to for giving me many styling tips and inspiration. I often had the thought “I wish that could be me” over the years, however recently I decided that it can be. I want this blog to be an inspiration to you and serve as a community for those who share the same passions, interests and even struggles with me.

Why the name “Life’s A Breeze? Growing up my family and friends called me Breezy, starting when I was just an infant. This nickname followed me throughout the years. I wanted to include something personal in the name of my blog so I started brainstorming. I came up with the name “Life’s a Breeze” and to me I feel that it holds more significance than simply a childhood nickname that I was given. Life seems to fly by and if the past ten years have taught me anything it is to enjoy every moment and make a ton of memories. But why not make those memories while looking your best with some of my fashion and beauty tips?

New blog posts will be released every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Monday and Wednesday’s posts will be all about fashion beauty and lifestyle, while Saturday will be called Skincare Saturday. Although I am not an expert in skincare I feel that I have learned a lot in the past few years that have helped me, so I want to share that with all of you. My fashion posts will be anything from the perfect fit jeans for all body types to the the best shoes that can be worn in all seasons. My beauty posts will vary from hair and makeup, someday I may discuss how to get the perfect high ponytail while the next post could discuss how to get your makeup to stay from morning to night. My lifestyle posts are going to be more personal. I want to post about my favorite places that I have discovered while traveling, my long distance relationship, how to survive college, and much more.

I am so excited to get started on this new adventure, something that I have been wanting to embark on for quite some time and hope you all love it as much as I do!




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